Teeth Grinding

Has anyone told you that you grind your teeth at night? The clenching and/or grinding of teeth is called bruxism. This problem usually develops at night when you are sleeping. It is believed that this a result of stress and anxiety, and advice is usually given to reduce stressful behaviors. Although there is no definitive cure, a mouth appliance is often given to reduce damage.

Damage from Bruxism

Grinding can shorten teeth and change their shape due to damage or scraping and surface wear. The can result in worn enamel and sensitive teeth. Clenching can result in intense stress on the temporomandibular joint, the hinge of the jaw, which can lead to earaches, headaches, muscle strain, and fatigue.

Smile 32 Dental Centers Can Treat Bruxism

We will determine by a thorough examination if your teeth are suffering from the effects of bruxism. It is best to try and reduce stress by changing behavior, which is the suspected cause of this troubling activity. We will provide a custom-fitted appliance for night sleeping to prevent the contact of your upper and lower teeth, although this is not a cure for bruxism.