Preventative Dentistry

Smile 32 Dental Centers recommends preventative dentistry and proper dental hygiene. This means regular dental visits so that we can perform certain procedures that can help prevent issues from becoming serious problems, correct routine issues from getting worse, and recognize severe oral problems for proper treatment.

Here are some of examples of our preventative dentistry:


Dental cleanings, part of a regular oral hygiene program, helps reduce plaque, a leading cause of gingivitis, serious gum disease, and tooth decay.

Dental Exams

Dental exams are often scheduled every six months, but we may recommend visits that are more frequent depending on the patient. We use these exams to detect early stage dental problems, and to identify more severe issues.


Polishing is a technique that smooths and polishes teeth or restoration surfaces and removes some stains. This is usually done after dental cleaning, scaling, and some restorative procedures.


Tartar, plaque on teeth that has hardened, can become difficult to remove. Scaling is a procedure used to scrape the tartar off your teeth at and below the gum line resulting in a deep cleaning.


X-rays show the interior of the mouth’s dental structure, tissue, teeth, gums and bones. We use these radio graph pictures to detect and treat problems that we couldn’t normally see with the naked eye.