Dental Exams

Preventative exams are cost effective in the long run. The cost of tooth repair and replacement far outweighs that of regular exams. Frequent exams can detect problems early so that treatment can be performed right away.

Steps of a Routine Dental Exam

An exam and cleaning are most often scheduled during the same appointment. Here’s what you should expect.

  • A thorough cleaning will be given by a dental hygienist.
  • The dentist will take x-rays and then review them.
  • The dentist will inspect your mouth thoroughly, using instruments like a long handled mirror, and a dental explorer. They will make sure your gums are firm and pink, and that your teeth don’t have any soft, rough or discolored surfaces.
  • The dentist will recommend treatment for any signs of decay or other problems, and make notes on any conditions that deserve observation on the next visit.

Exam Schedule

Most adults need an exam every six months, depending on how susceptible they are to tooth decay, tartar buildup or gum disease. We will recommend more frequent appointments if needed.