The last procedure of dental cleaning, scaling and restoration is often polishing. This is usually the final step in which the surface of the teeth are smoothed and finished, removing stains.

The Polishing Procedure

Polishing is done to your original teeth and may also be done to any teeth restoration like a crown or composite filling. A prophy jet polisher or a rubber cup polisher are used by Smile 32 Dental Centers or a hygienist to polish your teeth. A stream of water is used with the prophy jet and baking soda to smooth the teeth. The rubber cup is a gentle sand and buff technique where a small amount of polishing paste is put into a cup and placed against your teeth surface on a spinning device. These two methods leave the teeth smooth and may remove most stains.

Polishing is not Mandatory

Smile 32 Dental Centers can recommend when and why you may need teeth polishing since although a regular procedure, polishing is not a mandatory one.