General Dentistry

Smile 32 Dental Centers provides state of the art care for you and your family. We always welcome new patients. Please call our office to introduce yourself and make an appointment.

Dental Technology

Smile 32 Dental Centers stay current with the latest technology and offer advanced, state-of-the art dental technology and equipment to meet you and your family’s needs. We continue our education with additional training to make ensure this happens.

Care and Prevention

For Adults

What is the root of most dental problems for Adults? Plaque. That is why Smile 32 Dental Centers suggest proper oral hygiene and regular visits to Smile 32 Dental Centers. We encourage adult care and prevention focused on the preservation of natural tooth structure, and early detection and treatment of serious oral problems.

For Children

Children have special dental needs. We can discuss a care and prevention plan that addresses these needs for your children and your whole family.

Emergency Dental Care

Emergencies can happen. That is why Smile 32 Dental Centers offer same day emergency dental care. When an emergency happens, call our office and explain your predicament. Making you comfortable again is our priority.